Luna Mosaic Arts aims to offer interesting and colorful mosaic supplies which Cherie has personally found enjoyable to work with. The mixture of materials and supplies has been chosen to complement each other as well as your creative journey in the making of mosaic art while adding diversity in choice.


Not only can you buy on-line, but you can purchase these same items in-person at our NEW retail location in Orlando, FL. We will also be inviting artists - mosaic and non-mosaic - to teach a variety of workshops.


If you are interested in commissioning a Fine Art Mosaic, decor at a Private Residences or Public Art & Architectural artwork contact Cherie Bosela -




Owner | Artist | Photographer

Cherie has been creating mosaic art for 15 years and has won many awards for her work. Not only does Cherie work as a mosaic artists, but she is also a professional photographer. As a member of multiple mosaic art organizations, and with her own personal working knowledge and success in the mosaic art world, Cherie brings all facets of mosaics to the table. Luna Mosaics offers many of the materials you can find in Cherie's work. To view Cherie's portfolio -



Customer Service

At Luna Mosaics, YOU are priority #1 and Lucy wants nothing more than to ensure your satisfaction! Lucy carries the spirit of service into all she does...she just needs helping hands from time to time.

A people-pleaser at heart, she won't rest until she is sure you are happy with your purchase! We consider her our quality "watch dog".



Guest Writer | Artist

Sally May Kinsey is a fellow mosaic artist, who dabbles (like most artists) in other mediums as well. We asked her to try her hand at writing for Luna Mosaics' Featured Artist articles and interviews. She brings a working knowledge of mosaics and first hand experience in being a full time mosaic artist.


Graphic Designer | Buyer

Violet has a style all her own and wants you to find your own mosaic voice. To help you accomplish that feat, she is always on the look out for unique and interesting offerings to dress up our mosaic selection. When things start to become passe, she tends to be a bit of a Weimer... We don't worry though...her bark is worse than her bite.


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