by Cherie Bosela & Jennifer Kuhns -  March 2019

by Sally Kinsey -  December 2018

by Sally Kinsey -  November 2018

by Sally Kinsey -  October 2018

by Sally Kinsey -  September 2018

by Sally Kinsey -  August 2018

by Cherie Bosela -  July 2018

by Sally Kinsey -  June 2018

by Sally Kinsey -  May 2018

by Sally Kinsey -  April 2018

       Putting creative thoughts and emotions into visual images is not always the easiest thing to do, even for artists. Now try and make those visions come into being with such rigid materials as a mosaic artist uses and…well…Let’s just say it is even that much harder. (No pun intended!) Cathy O’Connor, however, has managed to find a way to transform everyday found objects and glass into whimsical visual art that keeps the viewer engaged and entertained....read more



by Sally Kinsey -  March 2018

   Sometimes you meet another mosaic artist and find that you are not chatting long before you realize you have said, “I totally get that!”, five times in the first few minutes of your conversation.  That is exactly how I felt speaking with Cindy White............read more



by Sally Kinsey -  February 2018

       Who doesn’t love a Cinderella story? A story of coming into one’s own, a story of transformation and dreams come true? A Cinderella story is one that never gets old! Debra Mager, of Cinderella Mosaics, shares her story of finding her calling in creating mosaic art, and I believe her calling to teach and share mosaic art with others...........read more



by Sally Kinsey - January 2018

     I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays and is feeling refreshed and eager to start a new year of creating mosaics! Ready or not, 2018 is here and so is another new featured artist for you to enjoy! Linda Biggers may be known for her eggshell mosaics, but to be completely honest, this is NOT what comes to mind when I hear her name. Hearing her name, evokes the highest quality in use of design elements in my mind. Although “precision” also pops up in my thought when viewing her work, it is the overall intuitive balance and execution that comes to the forefront for me..........read more



by Sally Kinsey - December 2017

The greatest part of writing the Featured Artist column for Luna Mosaic Arts are the artists themselves. This month I had the opportunity to chat with Cathleen Newsham. Passionate about mosaics, about her art work, about educating other artists, as well as growing the popularity of mosaics, Cathleen was easy to chat with!.........read more



by Sally Kinsey - November 2017

Although I did not have the pleasure of speaking directly with this month’s featured artist, I have found that her work speaks volumes on it’s own. Catherine Van Giap is a mosaic artist, whose work holds a great deal of symbolism, movement, and meaning.........read more



by Sally Kinsey - October 2017

 It seems like yesterday I was attending one of Bonnie Fitzgerald’s classes at Touchstone Center for Crafts in Virginia. It is to this day one of my favorite mosaic memories, as well as a life-changing encounter! Bonnie’s love of mosaic art, her joy of teaching it, and the enthusiasm she brings to her classes could not have been explained, I had to experience it. I am sure many of you who have taken a class of Bonnie’s know exactly what I am talking about.........read more




by Cherie Bosela - September 2017

You'd think that I would've met Janis through mosaics, but that's not how we met.  We both belonged to the same art group and we were both accepted into their juried art exhibit.  She just happened to be dropping off her artwork moments before me.  She came walking around the corner as I was taking my artwork out of the box.  We've been friends ever since..................read more




by Sally Kinsey - August 2017

Last night I spoke on the phone for the first time with Anne Marie Price. We have, like so many others, communicated a bit through Facebook in the past. I have been both fascinated and an admirer of her work for years, and speaking with her was every bit as enjoyable as viewing her mosaics.................read more




by Sally Kinsey - July 2017

  It always surprises me how similar yet different people are. We all have at least a dozen things we can find in common with someone we just meet, and look forward to the knowledge treasure hunt that still remains to unfold. Speaking with Aly Winningham for the first time truly brought this into focus for me................read more




Nesting by Elizabeth St. Hilaire

by Sally Kinsey - June 2017

As with many of the mosaic people I know, I had the pleasure of meeting Karen for the first time in person at the SAMA convention in Chicago.  It was my first SAMA event, and I had just started Tiny Tile Mosaics.  Karen visited me in the Vendor Marketplace and it was the highlight of my trip. Her energy and enthusiasm were uncontainable and contagious!...............read more




Nesting by Elizabeth St. Hilaire

by Sally Kinsey - May 2017

This month Luna Mosaic Arts brings you a wonderfully unique Featured Artist, Elizabeth St. Hilaire. Elizabeth is a collage artist, and carries the tagline “painting with paper” with her work. Although Elizabeth does use paints in some of her work, that is not the painting! “Painting with paper” is referring to the amazing images she creates with her hand altered papers, which look very much like a painting as opposed to a mixed media type of work, as you can see in the images we have included...............read more




The Earthships Have Landed by Cherie Bosela

by Sally Kinsey - April 2017

Violet Dreams by Carol Shelkin

by Sally Kinsey - March 2017


Proud Peacock by Amanda Anderson

by Sally Kinsey - February 2017


by Susan Wechsler

by Sally Kinsey - January 2017

Photo: Joe Skalsky

To Honor Ganesh by Robyn Abrams

by Sally Kinsey - December 2016

Julia by Gila Rayberg

by Sally Kinsey - November 2016

Androcles and the Cat by Betsy Youngquist

by Sally Kinsey - October 2016

She Was Born to Dance by Sally Kinsey

by Cherie Bosela - September 2016

What, This Old Thing? by Donna Van Hooser

by Sally Kinsey - August 2016

  If you are not already familiar with the works of Donna Van Hooser, get ready for art and an artist that will not disappoint. Donna’s work is diverse, whimsical, incredibly detailed, and a pleasure to behold. I first met Donna at the Artists Reception for the Mosaic Arts International show during the SAMA conference in Lexington, Kentucky. Donna had the piece she mentions as “the robin dressed as Queen Elizabeth” which is titled “What, This Old Thing?”  I was in awe of the mastery in Donna’s cutting......read more




Dragonfly Landing by Wesley Wong

by Sally Kinsey - July 2016

Wesley Wong is someone I have been Facebook friends with for years. We all have those folks we “know” in the mosaic world, but do not know. Wesley has been one of those folks until now. This is the great thing about being asked to write these features for Luna Mosaic Arts…getting to know more about what makes other mosaic artists tick......read more

Morning Becomes Electric by Pamela Goode

by Sally Kinsey - June 2016

I would tell you this interview is going to be good, but it is not… Instead it is going to be all Goode!!! This month I have the privilege of introducing you to mosaic artist Pam Goode. First I must tell you, I met Pam years ago when I lived in Summerville, South Carolina. Pam is the founder of Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I took my first ever mosaic class......... read more

Analog Frog by Rebecca Collins

by Sally Kinsey - May 2016

You are all in store for a special treat! Rebecca Collins is an artist that I first became aware of through Flickr.com in 2009. Her quirky subject matter, vivid color palettes, and artistic vibe made me smile compulsively. When I hear “Rebecca Collins mosaics”, two subjects come to mind… robots and skeletons. Although this is not all Rebecca does, in my opinion, she does them like no one else........ read more

Box Canyon Boogie by Flair Robinson

by Sally Kinsey - April 2016

When the opportunity arose to interview different artists for Luna Mosaics, Flair Robinson was the first name to come to mind. Flair’s work has always been immediately recognizable to me. It is colorful, vibrant and thought provoking. There is a story to be told in every piece, and whether I find the story she is telling, or one of my own, I always come away feeling I have learned something from her art........ read more

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